20 Really Messed Up Moments In The Fairly OddParents

For such a popular Nickelodeon show, The Fairly OddParents was pretty weird! Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Screenrant

Fairly OddParents is childhood classic. We all have fun memories of the zany show! The supportive Wanda and the Goofy Cosmo kept our eyes glued to the screen. We all wished we had magic fairy godparents and force them to grant every wish on our way to world domination!!! Er, sorry about that. We could all relate to Timmy Turner. An outcast that has a tough time in life. If it isn’t his babysitter Vicky tormenting him, it’s his parents reminding him that he wishes he never existed. Oh? Does that last one not sound familiar? Well, sorry dear reader, that is actually the case. Timmy’s dad confirms this! In fact, there are many more really horrid and messed-up moments scattered throughout the animated television show. And in today’s video, we’ve compiled a whole list of them!

We all like innuendos slipped into a kid’s show. It’s a fun nod from the creators towards the parents that are involuntarily made to watch the series. Well, Fairly OddParents is no exception. In fact, we have a few examples in today’s video! There are also some sinister, worrying moments in the show. Such as the real reason the dinosaurs went extinct. As well as Mister Turner’s, not so well hidden, insane darkness creeping below the surface. Yeah, we’re not kidding on this one. There are a few times where this is shown to the case. So, join us today and view this smashing video! Let’s all have our childhood nostalgia destroyed together! Yay!

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