Fast And Furious 9: Is Jakob Torreto The Hero Or Villain

Jakob Torreto is not who you think he is in Fast & Furious 9…
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Just when you think you really know a fictional person, they turn out to have a secret little brother that was never mentioned before! Or at least that’s what has happened with the Fast Saga! The new trailer for the F9 movie makes it clear that Dom Toretto has a more complicated family tree than we used to think. In addition to his sister Mia Toretto, who had supposedly retired a couple of movies ago, there’s another sibling played by John Cena. Although it definitely looks bad to be seen collaborating with the villain Cipher, is Jakob Toretto truly the bad guy, or are things more complicated than they appear? Actor Vin Diesel has made some intriguing comments about the complexities of the characters that have some people double checking their fan theories! The Fast and the Furious saga has always featured characters with moral ambiguity and it seems as though this film will be no exception. Although we don’t know much about the latest addition to the cast, it’s clear that there is a lot more to Jakob Toretto than meets the eye. Will he end up saving the day or is he destined to be the bad guy?

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