15 Weirdest Family Guy Episodes That Will Make You Question Life

Thsee Family Guy Episodes Are More Epic Than You Remember
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There’s not a single episode of Family Guy without weird and bizarre moments. Sometimes though, we wonder what happens in the writer’s room when concepts are pushed to the max and we literally question our life and existence after watching an episode. Sometimes the simplest plots on Family Guy are the best. And the season 10 episode “Seahorse Seashell Party” sets us up for some great Griffin hijinks. When a massive rain storm knocks out the television satellite and the family gets stuck together, we can only imagine what will go wrong. Except the show decides to take us down two bizarre paths. The first involves Brian, who decides to grab his secret stash of mushrooms and go on a trip. Peter has had some pretty out-there schemes over the years, but nothing will compare to the episode “Fresh Heir”. When Peter learns Chris will be left all of the family fortunes from Lois’s father, he does what he thinks will get him to the money fastest. He divorces Lois and decides to head to Vermont to marry Chris. Yep, the show took things to new levels as Peter and Chris nearly get married before Lois breaks up the wedding. Twelve seasons in and the show really started grabbing from the random plot generator for some new ideas. The odd part is Chris knew his father wanted to marry him for his money and still wanted to go through with it anyway.

From puppy-human hybrids, time-changing travels, and our deep-rooted connection to an animated dog, let’s go on a journey to the weird and discover the episodes that had us asking questions long after the show ended.

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